Your Inner Spring: A Deep Dive

Your Inner Spring: A Deep Dive

Welcome to the inner spring phase of your cycle. In this article, we'll uncover how you might be feeling, how to spot the signs of this phase and take a look at how a cup of Really Nice Tea Inner Spring blend can lend a helping hand during this time. We also chat with naturopath Brooke Oke to get her take on what’s happening in your body and how our carefully selected ingredients can help to support you.

What is your inner spring?

Your inner spring is otherwise known as the follicular phase of your cycle and typically occurs around day 6 to 11 of your cycle. This may vary from person to person and month to month. For the purpose of this article, we’re following a 28-day cycle, but this may not be your experience and that’s okay. 

What’s happening with your hormones in your spring phase?

“In this phase, oestrogen and ovulatory hormones FSH and LH are rising,” shares Brooke, “which are all energising and stimulating hormones. We can naturally feel more energy, lightness and more balanced emotionally. When hormones are balanced, we can feel more creative, inspired and more focused.”

What’s happening in your body in your spring phase?

It’s in this phase where your body is preparing for ovulation. You might find your discharge is milky white in colour, your breasts may feel bigger, and your skin may take on a healthy glow – love this!

What might be happening with your mood in your spring phase?

As your oestrogen increases, you might be greeted with more energy, good mood, and better focus. “Higher intensity exercise is also great to take advantage of in this phase,” shares Brooke.

Phrases to describe your inner spring

  • Hello, fresh energy
  • I feel more productive
  • It feels easier for me to focus
  • I’m feeling creative and inspired
  • I’m ready to take on new challenges
  • I’m in the mood for socialising 
  • I’m keen to get back into the gym

Really Nice Tea’s Spring blend

Our Inner Spring blend has been lovingly crafted with these organic ingredients to support you through this phase:


  • Rosemary leaf
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Parsley
  • Paw paw leaf
  • Flaxseed
  • Sencha tea
  • Turmeric

“The addition of cleansing herbs such as rosemary, parsley and turmeric support the liver to metabolise hormones and to stimulate the lymphatic system,” shares Brooke.

“This cleansing support can help to balance any spikes in hormones which may place us out of balance. Rosemary in particular is a nootropic herb which supports brain function and microcirculation, so can enhance cognition, focus and memory.”

Taking care of you

Learning more about your inner spring and how to support your body and your mind can help you to feel empowered and may bring a sense of ease to your cycle. If you have any concerns about your cycle, please speak to a trusted health professional.

At Really Nice Tea we’ve crafted four unique organic herbal tea blends, designed to support you throughout your cycle – a blend for every season.


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