Our Naturopath

At Really Nice Tea we pour our heart into every blend. Our mission? Bringing you organic herbal tea to support you through every season of your cycle. With a little help from our friends – the naturopaths and health gurus – we've cherry-picked the best ingredients to bring you a tasty brew, packed with therapeutic benefits. 

Naturopath Brooke Oke

Brooke Oke

Naturopath (BHSc, BN, PostGradDipMHN)

Brooke is a Clinical Naturopath who holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and Bachelor of Nursing. Brooke’s treatment approach combines wisdom from traditional and modern healing methods that aim to identify the root cause for dysfunction in the body and bring people real results.

In her wellness clinic in Currumbin, Qld, Brooke often utilises functional testing and pathology and treats mainly digestive health, skin and hormones.

You can find Brooke on Instagram at@goodkindnaturopathy, online at www.goodkind.com.au or email her at hello@goodkind.com.au