Sync Your Business With Your Menstrual Cycle

Sync Your Business With Your Menstrual Cycle

Life as a business owner can mean that success often hinges on your ability to artfully combine productivity, creativity and focus with motivation, discipline and adaptability. While numerous strategies exist to enhance performance, one often overlooked aspect is the relationship between your business endeavours and where you are in your menstrual cycle.

“Our culture forces us to keep pushing, pushing, pushing. We overstretch ourselves, our expectations, our bodies, and our time,” shares Alisa Vitti, author of In The Flo Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life. She writes a manifesto in the book which reads:

“I acknowledge my cycle has four distinct hormonal patterns. Each of these phases requires different nourishment and self-care. Supporting each phase is the key to optimising my health. Syncing with each phase allows me to tap into creativity to optimise work, motherhood, and relationships on my own terms. Living according to my biological rhythmic timing restores my sovereignty and makes me more free.”

She adds that many women find themselves adhering to traditional approaches, including restrictive diets and jam-packed schedules – neglecting the intuitive timekeeping of their bodies.

“The average workday was built around the male hormone cycle, which follows a consistent 24 hour rhythm,” shares Jess Barker, founder and business coach at House of Jessica. “Every single day has similar patterns of productivity, energy and focus, which align with the traditional 9-5 workday.”      

“People who menstruate, on the other hand, have a hormone cycle which covers approximately 28 days.” Jess goes on to explain, “No two days in a cycle are the same, and different phases of the cycle are associated with distinct energy levels, focus, creativity, connection and productivity.”    

Cycle syncing in business means paying attention to these daily changes that you experience, and aligning your work and business activities with the different phases of your menstrual cycle. Before we explore the ways in which syncing your business with your cycle can drive success, here’s a breakdown of the phases of the menstrual cycle:

Understanding your menstrual cycle: a quick recap

Menstrual Phase (also referred to as inner winter)

This phase marks the beginning of your cycle and is when you’re on your period. Hormone levels are relatively low during this time, which might lead to lower energy levels and a need for rest and reflection.

Follicular Phase (also referred to as inner spring)

Following menstruation, the follicular phase begins. Oestrogen levels rise, leading to increased energy, creativity, and focus. This phase is ideal for brainstorming, planning, and initiating new projects.

Ovulatory Phase (also referred to as inner summer)

Midway through your cycle, ovulation occurs, characterised by peak oestrogen levels. This phase is associated with heightened communication skills, networking abilities, and assertiveness.

Luteal Phase (also referred to as inner autumn)

As your cycle progresses towards menstruation, oestrogen levels decrease while progesterone rises. This phase may bring a more reflective and detail-oriented approach, making it suitable for tasks requiring analysis, evaluation, and completion.

Cycle syncing for success

Even the most successful are beginning to discover the value of cycle syncing when it comes to their career. 

“I started my career as a corporate lawyer. I supposedly had it all… the “successful” career at a prestigious company, the salary that went with it, and a flash apartment in central London,” shares Jess.

“I was also anxious, burnt out and miserable.  Completely ignoring my body’s warning signals, it took me hitting the rock bottom of burn out to realise something had to change.”

She says the stress, long days and constant push of a corporate career played havoc on her hormones. “It was a big contributor to the burnout I experienced,” she says,“I deliberately set my coaching business up in a way that supported my hormones.” 

The concept of "cycle syncing" in business

The concept of running your business in sync with your menstrual cycle is fairly new. But it has drawn increasing interest and coverage buoyed by a wider drive to better promote and support women in entrepreneurship and the highest level of business.

A study conducted by Digit Health found the majority reported a moderate to severe impact of their cycle on workplace productivity, with 45.2% reporting absenteeism (5.8 days on average in the previous 12 months). The study focused on 1867 Flo app users and explored the impact of their menstrual cycle on their workplace productivity.

When it comes to syncing your cycle with your business, Jess shares, “Rather than expecting the same type of output throughout the month, you learn to work with your body’s unique natural rhythm to enhance efficiency and minimise stress.  This leads to better business results while supporting your own wellbeing: it’s a win win.”    

Key benefits of cycle syncing for business

As a business coach Jess has found a number of benefits entrepreneurs can experience by integrating their menstrual cycle into their business planning and workflow. “Once you have awareness of your strengths throughout the month, you can plan your work to align with these. She says. “For example, some women are great communicators and have high energy during ovulation, so for them this is a great time to schedule networking.” 

Jess says many of her clients have optimised their work throughout the month, and as a result many are more willing to give themselves permission to rest and practise more self care, helping to “prevent burnout” and “reduce stress” levels - ultimately leading to a more sustainable and fulfilling business.

One client, Sophie Dulac, is a health and wellness practitioner and was working with Barker when she realised that she was struggling to find motivation during certain phases of the month. 

“I have definitely found cycle tracking with my business extremely helpful because it has not only inspired me to be more on track and in tune with my cycle,” adding it also allows space to be more considerate of moods and emotions as she moves through different phases.

“I find I’m most productive during my follicular phase, it's always a time of high energy, motivation and creativity. And I’m probably the least productive during my luteal phase and first two days of my period. I become quite irritated and lethargic around this phase so I make sure I don't put too much on my plate around this time. However, it's a great point in my cycle to reflect on what is most irritating me business-wise and how I can reshape or change it to improve the business.”

Tips for cycle syncing for your business 

Menstrual Phase:

  • Use this time for rest, reflection, and setting intentions for the upcoming cycle.
  • Focus on tasks that require introspection, such as reviewing past performance, identifying areas for improvement, and setting realistic goals.

Follicular Phase:

  • Leverage the surge in energy and creativity to brainstorm new ideas, start projects, and initiate collaborations.
  • Schedule important meetings, presentations, and networking events during this phase to capitalise on your heightened focus and communication skills.

Ovulatory Phase:

  • Take advantage of increased confidence and charisma to pitch proposals, negotiate deals, and expand your professional network.
  • Engage in public speaking, attend industry conferences, and seek opportunities to showcase your expertise and leadership abilities.

Luteal Phase:

  • Channel your attention to detail and analytical skills towards tasks that require thoroughness and precision.
  • Use this phase to finalise projects, review contracts, and address any outstanding issues before the start of the next cycle.

3 key takeaways

  1. By aligning your activities with your natural rhythm, you can work with, rather than against, your body's energy levels, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.
  2. Embracing the ebb and flow of your cycle allows you to tap into your innate creativity and intuition, resulting in innovative solutions and fresh perspectives within your business endeavours.
  3. Syncing your business with your cycle encourages a more balanced approach to work, enabling you to honour your body's need for rest, rejuvenation, and self-care alongside professional responsibilities.

Syncing your business with your menstrual cycle isn't about limiting yourself to specific tasks during certain phases but rather about harnessing the unique strengths and energies inherent in each phase to maximise your success.

As Angie Marie writes in The Cycle Syncing Handbook, “Living cyclically is nothing new; just as nature is designed by cycles of high and low, push and pull, work and rest, so too are the bodies of half the people on Earth. However, modern society ignores and suppresses these natural hormonal fluctuations, leaving menstruators burned out and frustrated as they repress and combat their biology.”

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