Exploring The Seasons Of Your Cycle

Exploring The Seasons Of Your Cycle

Wondering what all this stuff about seasons is about? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article we’re taking a look at each of the seasons and how they correlate to the phases of your cycle. 

 Your menstrual cycle is so much more than your period. Every month your body goes through a full hormonal cycle, typically lasting 28 days, with four distinct phases. While there’s a lot happening physically in these phases, there’s also a lot happening in your ‘inner world’ where your mood and energy levels might shift and change throughout the month.

Just like the seasons in nature, your body is going through a cycle of seasons each month. When you start to notice what's happening for you in each phase ('cos let's face it, everyone's cycle is unique) you can start working with your cycle, rather than against it.

Gone are the days of 'pushing through' or pretending everything is fine. There's a whole world happening inside you all month long, let's learn to embrace that.

Menstruation – your inner winter

This is where your cycle begins. It's a time when your body sheds its uterine lining, and you may experience menstruation – otherwise known as your period. This is your inner winter, a time for self-compassion and care.

It’s a time to prioritise your needs, rest when needed and take time for yourself when you can. Just like nature in the winter months, this is a time when you may feel like hiding away and hibernating.

Follicular phase – your inner spring 

As menstruation ends, the follicular phase begins – this is your inner spring. Think of it as a fresh start. During this time, your body is preparing to release an egg. Your energy is often on the rise here, making it a great moment for personal growth and new beginnings.

Just as the season of Spring brings with it fresh energy and renewal, you might like to embrace this phase by setting intentions, starting new projects, and engaging in physical activities that make you feel invigorated.

Ovulation – your inner Summer

Ovulation is the midpoint of your cycle, it's a time when your body's fertility peaks – your inner summer. This is your time to shine, both physically and emotionally. Harness the vitality and creativity that this phase brings.

Like the vibrant energy of the Summer months, this is a time where you may feel higher energy levels, creative and playful. Embrace it! And use this time to express yourself and get out into the world. 

Luteal phase – your inner autumn

In the luteal phase, your body shifts its focus towards preparing for a potential pregnancy. However, whether or not you plan to conceive, this phase is all about nurturing and self-care. Some people experience PMS symptoms during this phase, so it's crucial to prioritise self-compassion.

Just as the energy of the autumn months encourages us to slow down and turn inwards, your inner autumn is a great time to engage in relaxation techniques, meditation, and nourishing activities to promote a sense of wellbeing.

Getting to know your own cycle

Remember, what one person experiences with their cycle, may not be the same for you. Tracking your cycle by noting how you feel, both physically and mentally throughout each month can give you a better understanding of what’s happening for you. Tuning into your inner seasons is a great way of working with your cycle, rather than against it. 

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