How It Works

Our Teas

Each one of our 100% organic herbal tea blends is designed to support a different phase of your menstrual cycle – your period, follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase.

Your Cycle

Every month your body goes through a full hormonal cycle, typically lasting 28 days (although this will vary from person to person), with four distinct phases. While there’s a lot happening physically in these phases, there’s also a lot happening in your ‘inner world’ where your mood and energy levels might shift and change throughout the month.

Our Blends

Take a deeper look at each of our unique blends.

Inner Winter

Welcome to the inner winter phase of your cycle. This is the phase you’ll likely know best – say hello to your period. This marks the first day of your cycle and typically lasts 1 to 5 days.

How Really Nice Tea’s Inner Winter blend can help

  • Soothe and comfort your nervous system
  • Ease period pain and cramping
  • Support lower energy levels
  • Anti-inflammatory to ease bloating
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Inner Spring

As menstruation ends, the follicular phase begins – this is your inner spring and typically occurs days 6-11 of your cycle. Think of it as a fresh start. Your energy is often on the rise here, making it a great moment for starting new projects.

How Really Nice Tea’s Inner Spring blend can help

  • Support fresh new energy
  • May help to support your productivity and focus
  • May support hormonal balancing 
  • While there's only a small amount of caffeine in this blend, it makes for a great afternoon pick-me up 
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Inner Summer

Ovulation is the midpoint of your cycle, it's a time when your body's fertility peaks. This is your inner summer and typically occurs on days 12-14 of your cycle. This is your time to shine, both physically and emotionally.

How Really Nice Tea’s Inner Summer blend can help

  • Cooling and calming herbs support hormonal balance
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • May support ovulation bloat and breast tenderness 
  • Support higher energy levels, helping you remain balanced 
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Inner Autumn

In the luteal phase, your body shifts its focus towards preparing for a potential pregnancy. This is your inner autumn and typically occurs on days 15-28 of your cycle. Whether or not you plan to conceive, this phase is all about nurturing and self-care.

How Really Nice Tea’s Inner Autumn blend can help

  • Support symptoms of PMS
  • Soothe your nervous system
  • Anti-inflammatory to ease bloating 
  • Calming and balancing 
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A Tea For Every Season

Whether it’s the mood swings of your inner autumn, the ‘just leave me alone’ vibes during your inner winter, the fresh new energy you feel in your inner spring, or the burst of creativity you get in your inner summer – at RNT, we’ve got a tea for that.

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